Innovation Solutions

Is your business keeping up pace with your competitors? Are you coming up with better ideas faster?

Do you have strategic innovation systems in place and a culture of innovation across the organization, where each person naturally looks for better ways to solve challenging problems?

Tirian's purpose-driven innovation model

Our research into the most successful innovative companies has revealed that these companies are able to effectively establish the two major parts of the innovation process:

    • The foundational cultural values and principles that will support creativity and innovation at all levels.
    • The creative thinking skills and mindsets that need to be developed in individuals in order to come up with novel ideas through strategic brainstorming and ideation.
    • The innovation systems and structures that support the development of specific new solutions

These areas are all critical to a successful innovation process, and are intimately interrelated as shown in the diagram below:

Innovative Process

The Innovation Consulting, Design & Delivery Process:

Tirian's innovation consulting, design & delivery process

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